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Qvalitas Medical Centre is one of the largest private medical centres in Estonia offering its services since 1996. Along the years we have obtained the best experience and are able to provide comfortable, professional and confidential services to our customers. We do not compromise treatment quality and always offer the best service to our customers.

As developments in medicine are very quick, we consider our ability to keep up with time of utmost importance for providing our customers with as wide selection of services as possible together with experienced and professional doctors. Our medical centre features services of medical specialists from all general fields. We also strive for creating new and innovative health care services according to the wishes and needs of our customers, e.g. our health audit and different health packages.

Since we do not compromise service quality, we also require such attitude from our cooperation partners and only choose the best as our partners. For instance, we send more specific analysis into the laboratory of our partner Synlab. We are happy to have good cooperation also with family doctors outside of our own centre. Fast communication with family doctors is ensured with Digilugu interface giving a quick overview of patients' health data.

Qvalitas Medical Center


Health Care Services financed by the Estonian Insurance Fund

Qvalitas Medical Centre in Tartu has a contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund on financing medical treatment of the following specialities: ophthalmology, neurology (incl. paediatric neurology) and psychiatry. We provide services according to the waiting list and in the volume pursuant to the contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Referral is required for making an appointment to a consultation with a specialist in the field of neurology and paediatric neurology. We offer appointment with extra charge for medical service outside waiting list, without health insurance or without the required referral.

Appointment fee of medical specialist (appointment paid by the health insurance fund) 5.-

Visit fee is not charged from: children less than 2 years of age; pregnant women; patients in need of emergency medical care; if insured person is referred to a medical specialist by health care provider working for the same health care provider; if insured person is referred by a doctor of the same speciality working for another health care provider.

If you are not satisfied with the health care service provided to you (paid by the health insurance fund), you can register a complaint also at the following addresses: Health Board (tel.69403500, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); Estonian Health Insurance Fund (tel. 16363, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


About us

  • “Qvalitas has supported the needs of our company well during our long cooperation. We have introduces several new possibilities to maintain and improve the health of our employees. With the help of Qvalitas, we can get all occupational health services from one place. We consider their cooperativeness and flexibility upon provision of services important.”

    Katrin Meos

    Health, Safety and Environment Specialist at ABB AS

  • “Our cooperation has lasted since 2006. Full package services from one partner, i.e. obligatory health-checks and additional services, are important to us. Due to our large community of foreign employees and their families, one of the most important indicators was also medical help in foreign language. Qvalitas thinks how to expand their services and offers interesting additional options.”

    Skype Technologies OÜ

  • “We chose Qvalitas as our cooperation partner because Qvalitas offers the possibility to undergo medical examination at an occupational health doctor in a mobile medical unit. We are able to refer our employees to the occupational health doctor comfortably and on time.”

    Police and Border Guard board, West prefecture

    Mariann Nurmeste – Leading Working Environment Specialist

  • „We have cooperated since 2005 and during this period have achieved the best combination where the partner knows the needs of its partner and offers the best possible solution. We are happy with the mobile medical unit service that saves our time and money; we also have close cooperation with working environment engineers for improving working environment."

    Ensto Ensek AS

    Eve-Mai Lindau - Personnel Manager

  • “We chose Qvalitas as a cooperation partner because of their best value for money. Availability of mobile medical units enabling comfortable health-checks to employees was also a strong argument."

    Mecro AS

    Maris Trisberg – HR Specialist